Perturbateurs endocriniens 13/06/2024
1 min

Endocrine disruptors: the new research challenges

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) and the French Research Agency (ANR) are pleased to invite you to their second scientific conference on endocrine disruptors (EDs).

ED chemicals, or suspected EDs, are widespread in our production methods, consumer products and environment. Exploring and preventing their presence and effects are major challenges for the health of humans and ecosystems. This joint ANSES-ANR event will bring together experts, researchers and decision-makers from various backgrounds to discuss recent progress in this crucial area of scientific research.

Following on from the first meeting in 2019, this new event will present scientific advances in the extent of ED effects on human health, and especially their association with reproductive and fertility disorders and hormonal dysfunction. The impact of these substances on ecosystems, biodiversity, species reproduction and the health of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems will also be considered. In addition, the meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the latest advances and challenges relating to detection techniques and new methodological developments for exploring the endocrine-disrupting potential of substances. The implications of research into EDs for the development of public policy and regulations to reduce exposure to hazardous substances and protect health will also be debated.

The day will conclude with an overview of the new research orientations and interdisciplinary collaborations needed to address the challenges posed by endocrine disruptors and promote human health and environmental sustainability.