Register of marketing authorisation decisions and assessment conclusions for biocides

With effect from 1 July 2016, ANSES has been entrusted with the management of marketing authorisations for biocidal products. Until 1 July 2015, these authorisations were the responsibility of the Ministry of the Environment. The register of decisions brings together all the documents relating to the marketing authorisation of biocides.

List of marketing authorisation decisions for biocides

The register of marketing authorisation decisions provides access to the decisions on the marketing in France of biocidal products (delivered by the Ministry of the Environment up through 30 June 2016 and by ANSES as of 1 July 2016).

List of assessment conclusions on biocides

The register presents the assessment conclusions since 1 July 2016 as well as the assessment opinions issued prior to 1 July 2016, which also remain accessible.

European register of biocides

R4BP 3 is the central hub through which all marketing authorisation applications for biocides are made. It provides functions which enable the industry and the health authorities to comply with the legislative and regulatory requirements and to exchange information with each other.